High Quality Sound
This portable speaker provides louder clear sound that can be enjoyed indoors and outdoors.
Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Technology
It's the latest technology aimed at making wireless connection stable interruption-free. Bluetooth 5.0 is twicw as fast as previous version and has 8x better broadcasting message capacity. You will never have to deal with lost connectivity or wait for your device to re-pair.
Hands-free Calling
Built-in microphone can release your hands. If a call comes in when you are using it, this function will allow you to answer incoming phone calls hands-free.
Small Design with Portable Starp
Measuring at just 3.93 inches in width, this portable speaker is perfect for convenient travel. It only weighs about 5 ounces and fits perfectly in the palm of a hand. In addition, with the color-coordinated starp, you're never separated from your favorite tracks. Attach your speaker anywhere - from your handlebars to your handbag.
Fabrics Materials with ABS
The front side of this speaker is made of fabric, making it took very fresh and warm, and the back of it is made of ABS material, making it a very soft & comfortable touch.