Riversong India
USB 2.0 compatible
Not only does it look stylish and elegant, but it also works amazing. The USB Cable is cut and designed to look best when attached or connected with your devices. USB 2.0 compatibility ensures quick and hassle free data transfer.
2 Meter Length. 28/24 Gauge
Say good bye to those small cables and how abruptly your devices look when connected. Our USB Cable is over 2 Meters in length, giving you enough and ample space for your devices.
Super Fast, 480 MBPS Data Transfer Speed
Being forced to wait for long minutes, as your data transfers? Our Data cable has a transfer speed of 480 MPBS. This allows you to transfer huge quantity of data from one device to another. This will allow you to work and transfer data more efficiently, and save precious time.
Output Current




Maximum Current Handling Capacity

10.5V-18V, 0.65A

Wire Type

Copper Wire

Voltage Withstand